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Staying afloat aligned with the tasks at hand

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Dim lights in the atmosphere with focused brightness on the desk. With a scented candle on the corner. Just you and the keys to punch while words pouring out from your mind from highly fueled motivation. Ah! How beautiful it is to be a writer. Reflection time. Pause. Is this a true story? Probably a movie scene. How truly do we get such moments of cooperating circumstances devoid of distractions? Very rare. Or none at all.

The highly productive writers do not work always in such possibilities. The only secret they hold is to be able to tune out distractions…

Reinforcing them to make better decisions and moments

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We have been trained to reward and be appraised for good behaviour and performances. It has proven to be effective to influence adults and children alike to get the results we want.

During the early days of my sketching classes as a design student, my art tutor helped me with directions on how to draw a live object. It was an electric lamp which we got handily close to us from the table edge. I was nervous but I somehow found the courage to hold my pencil to start. Once I got the outline done, I easily moved on confident…

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Understanding the framework which stimulates everything else

If everyone and everything had similar ideals, properties or views, we do not have to try to bring awareness to one single point. Because all points would be the same and there is nothing to centre your clarity on.

Yet, we do have various perspectives from inimitable environments of different conditions and matters. With its own resistance to change.

The amount of knowledge and alertness we have of the subject and the relative distance between the differences from you and the other viewpoints. Impact to apply force to change the inertia of the perspective.

However, when all exterior forces of…

Roles and possibilities prominent in the innovative stratosphere

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With possible dangers from animals, nature or other human beings. At the beginning of times, there was scarce food, lack of transportation modes, minimal clothes and shelter. There was no constant supply of food and there were threats in many ways to be left out and the vitality to be part of a tribe to live longer. This is where the competitive nature and tactics to survive started among humans. It was a life matter.

Even now, pandemics scared us all to stock up in fear of scarcity.

However, precisely after the industrial revolution. There was more than what was…

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Not positivity. A better approach than the toxic mask we put on

There was a time, sadness, agony, and pain were what drove art. Therefore, it influenced countless lives. At least in the language, I grew up in had a tonne of loads of advice and hopeless songs people enjoyed and vented out their sorrows, which also probably resulted to lead a relaxed life.

Later came the 21st-century trend — to be happy, grateful, and positive all the time. Few years down the line, many started complaining ‘the secret’ is not working for them. Solution — Simple! Cast the finger back and claim you are doing it wrong.

Adding to the fuel…

To utilize your college days’ lessons to win half the battle

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

First, when I got into design school, I felt all that I had loved had been put into one place under a common space and I was sent there for a carnival. To go and live your beautiful fantasy in reality for a few years. Murals, glass painting, models, furniture making, prototyping, sketching, 3D modelling, and lots and lots of colours. A world of all that I truly enjoyed and wanted to learn more. I did not have an idea when I was starting, that it was all going to be part of. …

Divulging creative hustle techniques to better work

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Creativity is looking at things in a different way. It can also be the same existing things but bringing a twist to it or combining different things together to bring a new idea is ‘creativity’. It is the fastest-growing sector in the world.

How do we be more creative or get creative when stuck?

  • The best way is to set your space and take a sabbatical period away from usual daily life and work to chill out and relax. You will come back stronger in ideas and new tactics to handle it all better. Use this time as an ideal time for contemplation, to relax, and try things that are not…

The usual sorry does not work anymore


Peace is not the absence of conflict. It’s the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means. — Ronald Reagan

Conflicts are inevitable in any form of relationship but handling it well brings about stronger and authentic connections. Remember disapproval does not mean hate.

Hugs, sorry or words like ‘calm down’ may most of the time not work. In fact, it may trigger a person with more anger. Rather, succeed in making actions and basic gestures, such as granting and sharing the favourite bar of chocolate. To restore intimacy and harmony.

The moment you recognize a simple difference is charging up…

The practical and advanced usage of the visual tool

Image by the Author

We had a mood board competition in our colour theory class in design school. And we were set in groups of four in a studio with a stack of fashion and interior magazines, probably outdated ones. We cut and pasted clipping the images onto foamboards with glue, tapes and glitter based on a concept and presented it with a theme and colour code. Collaboration for a common objective in a fun and creative way. This is how mood boards were first introduced to me hands-on where we hurriedly stuck it all cohesively within a time limit.

Evolution of the mood board

Mood board sets the…

Not just for the forecasts and a practical look at the shifts


When I heard the term, ‘Mercury retrograde’ what came to my mind was the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde eye-shadow palette. It gave me a beautiful and happy feeling of this connect. And I dug deep down on the ongoing matter around this, it really is not so happy says astrology.

However, the way such an indication of a disruptive natured phase of the Mercury to the technology and communication has been used. Upon this beautifully nuanced shades of buttery matte, metallics, shine and gloss in sleek glass boxed make-up. …

Samyu Varsh

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